Monday, November 28, 2016

Turning Towards Christams

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Thanksgiving is over so that means everyone is going to be starting to decorate for the next holiday, which is Christmas! 
Personally Christmas just happens to be my favorite holiday! So I am really excited! 
I can't wait to decorate! 
I am going to share with you what I do for Christmas in my puzzle room every year!

I put together all kinds of Christmas puzzles ON MY HUGE TABLE!!!!!

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Next I decorate with Nutcrackers!

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Image result for shopping nutcracker

Next I put up painted Pine-cones! 

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I have a Coca~Cola tree ornament!

Image result for blingy coca cola tree ornaments 
(Mine is number "A")

I have two Candles! I'm pretty sure the scent is Gingerbread Cinnamon! And its brown! 😉😉

Image result for christmas candles dollar general

I have two flower things! One is red and one is white! They are sorta like this except the pots are plain gold and one has taller but not tall white flowers and the other is the same but the flowers are red.  "Get it, got it, good!"

Image result for christmas white flowers tiny pot 

I may do lights this year! 

Image result for christmas lights

I HOPE!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed doing it! 
And I will be posting pictures of my decorations! 


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  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday too! I haven't actually decorated my room for Christmas before... Maybe this year! (:

  2. looking forward to seeing your puzzle room when it's through! love ya!
    Is.53:5, #UNASHAMED,

  3. This was neato! I enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing the pictures of your decorations when you put them up!!!

  4. Painted pine cones!
    Do you paint them yourself? I love pine cones, but we don't have any pine cone giving pine trees.

    1. Yes I paint them myself! I need to get some more though! I only have two... ;(
      Thanks for commenting!


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