Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Through Your Eyes Photography Contest Category Five

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Today is category five, which means its over......................................................................               This time in my photography contest. But I will be back maybe in December or January! 
I have really enjoyed doing this and can't wait until I can do it again! 

The Teams
(If your name was in green then I did not get your entry)

Bethany Smith

Olivia B.

Bella M.


My favorite photo in the category was this one by Miss Olivia B.!

The next category is an Autumn Photo Collage!!! 

Image result for an autumn photo collage

Which will be of all your entries!!! 

I realized that maybe I have not given you all enough time to enter your photos so I will lengthen this category out until the 16th of this month!!! I can't wait to see them!!!!


  1. I liked the Olivia B's picture!

    1. I do too! She is very talented!!

    2. Thanks Noah and Reya! I'm so excited that I got favorite picture!! So... we send in a collage, then we find out who wins?? Is that how it works?

    3. Yeah just do it the same way! And yeah I will post the winner and my all time favorite photos!!!

  2. I like all the pictures!


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