Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving


Today is a very special day because it's......

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I just wanted to do a post to say a huge HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends out there! Internet and in the blogger world! 

I'm gonna name some people!

Julia B.

Olivia B.

Bella M.

Christine T.

Hannah D.

Rebecca J.

Sydney Bonnell 

Alisha Bonnell

Those are my personal friends now I would like to thank my people in the blogging world and on YouTube! 

Beth (This Redeemed Girl/Sunshine Girl)

Chloe (The Chloe Blog)

Sarah (Purity Defined/Musings Of My Soul)

Shelby (Every Bit Of Lovely)

Bella Morganthal (Worth It All)

Megan (Barefoot Gal)

Suzy (Crafts n' craziness)

Grace (The Girl Upstairs)

Jaclyn (Little House Of American Dolls/He Rights My Wrongs) 

Rutvi (Buzz About AG/Capturing And Creating)

Christine T. (Green Gables Of Avonlea)

Wayne (The Bottom Of A Bottle)

Alisha (Alisha In Progress)

Katie Grace (A Writers Faith)

Madison (Delightful World Of Dolls)

Katie (Concealed Foundation)

Fabulous Hannah (YouTuber)

MsRider1996 (YouTuber)

Slideshow Lover 51 (YouTuber)

Jordan Taylor (YouTuber)

Blimey Cow (YouTuber)

HopeJubilee (YouTuber)

Drew Greenway (YouTuber)

Jamie Faith Aubin (YouTuber)

Ryan Alder (YouTuber)

Bella Morganthal (YouTuber)

Jamie Grace (YouTuber/music artist)

Mustang (YouTuber)

Sadie Robertson (YouTuber)

Ridgie Style (YouTuber)

Lacey Clark (YouTuber)

Dramatic Parrot (YouTuber)

Donna Reed Fan 9 (YouTuber)

I'm sorry that I named so many people I just didn't want to leave anyone out! I didn't name all of the Music artist but I am thankful for all of you!

I'm ssssssooooo sssssoooooorrrrryyyyy If I have forgotten anyone!!!! I did not name all of the blog/YouTube people in the order of how much I like them, I just named them as they came to my mind lol! 😉😋

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//Reya Heya

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  1. Thank you Reya I'm so thankful for you too!:) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Your so welcome! Awe thank you so much!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!!

  2. Happy (late) Thanksgiving! and i'm VERY THANKFUL for you too!!
    Is.53:5, #UNASHAMED,

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Reya!
    I'm so thankful for you too! Thanks for including me *winks*!!! That was so sweet! :D

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! *winks back* I wouldn't have done the post without including you!

  4. We are SO thankful for you too!!!


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