Thursday, October 13, 2016

Through Your Eyes Photography Contest Category One

I am very excited so let us go! 

The Teams:

                                  Bethany Smith ~


Bella M. 

Olivia Bell

I had two people who wanted to join but I never heard from them what team they wanted to be on. So I am sorry if your name was not there and you wanted to participate!
 Image result for tiny crying emoji

Category One:  WARM BEVERAGE 
Image result for warm autumn beverages

Coffee, Tea, Latte, Hot Chocolate, etc.


Entry limit is one week. So next Thursday I should be back with category two!!!!



  1. Posted mine's!

  2. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you in time... Maybe I can do it when I have a blog, I might be able to get one sometime soon, but I'll have to see....

    1. You can still do it!!! It isn't to late!

    2. Really!!! I want to be on Price Edward Island team!!! So, I take the pic and post one a week? That's how it works??? I'm going to take the pic tomorrow!!

    3. This time you post a photo of what I said at the top, and I will be posting soon the other category for you to take a photo of! That is how it works!! If that even makes sense?! Cool!!! I am so glad that you want to do it!!!!

  3. DONE! Finally!


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