Friday, August 12, 2016

BIBPC Entry two/opinions

This entry is DROPS!!!!! So here is my entry!!!

Okay so i need your opinions on this! I always say at he end of every post 
"I'll always be your Anne, Anne of Green Gables."  Well I would like to have a picture with that written on it to conclude my posts. These are my options!!

I don't really like the way the writing is on this last one.

Well give me your opinions!!!


until I decide this will be what I use!!


  1. i say either the middle or last one...those are such beautiful options!

    1. Cool tomato pic, did you grow it??? On the Anne of Green Gables logos... I kinda like the one you're currently using, LOL! :D

    2. Thank you!!! yes it came from our garden!!! Okay thank you for your opinion!!! I like it too lol!!!!


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