Wednesday, June 28, 2017

One Year Blogiversary!!!!

Hello Hello Hello Hellloooo!!!!!!!

So the 26th of this month was my one year blogiversary of Kindred Spirits!!!

I have enjoyed my experience on this blog, I love seeing your comments and getting to know you all. Ya'll are the best! 

I really don't know anything to say except that ya'll are the best and thank you for all your support!!!!

Love you all! 

From Reya Heya: the owner of the blog Kindred Spirits I thank you! 

Ps. That banner was so much fun to make!😋😉😝

Monday, June 19, 2017

Surprise, Sista! Happy Birthday!

Hey, there, everyone! I'm Reya's sister, Chloe, and since today is her birthday, I thought that I would surprise her and post a birthday post on her blog! (Since she did the same to me on my last birthday! Lol!)

Reya, you are such a beautiful, talented and amazing gal and I am so proud to be your sister! I would like to give you some advice, but I'm not sure what to say! Other then to remind you to ALWAYS follow God, listen to His lead, let Him lead and He will direct your path. There is nothing better then to spend your life serving Jesus!

Also, do any of these quotes sound familiar? Lol

"No, no. Only call me Mrs. Darcy when I am completely, perfectly and incandescently happy!"

"Cleo, baby!"

"Your eyes really are lavender!"

"Oh, she's little but she's strong!"

Have a wonderful day today, tomorrow and always!

I love you, dahlin'!

Your Sista,

(Sorry, Reya, about on having the ending stickers that you usually have! But I'll put a Anne picture!)

Image result for anne of green gables

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Heroes Are Made When You Make A Choice-Part Three

No one talks to him about how he lives
He thinks that the choices he makes are just his
Doesn't know he's the leader with the way he behaves
And others will follow the choices he's made
He lives on the edge, he's old enough to decide
His brother who wants to be him is just nine
He can do what he wants because it's his right
The choices he makes change a nine-year-old's life
Heroes are made when you make a choice
You could be a hero - heroes do what's right
You could be a hero - you might save a life
You could be a hero- you could join the fight
For what's right, for what's right, for what's right

Think About That...

random photography

Hello. I am starting this post off by (again) saying I am sorry for not posting on here much. But I hope to be posting more in the future. ...