Sunday, February 26, 2017

BIBPC Category #5

This category is ADVENTURE!!!

I was going to post a photo from one of the FOR KING AND COUNTRY concerts, but I decided on another photo because of the quality in the concert photos. 

Let me tell you the story behind my photo: 

It was a beautiful evening so I decided to take some photos of the sun. I took several and later on I took my little brother's up the road to pick some yellow flowers that grow every spring. It may not be much of an "adventure" picture, but I think that it was a wonderful night and the flowers are beautiful! 

Oh and since this is Megan's contest and she will see this post I just wanted to thank her gain for the lovely things she did for me! And if you would like to see the post on it then click HERE

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

BIBPC Category #4

I've missed so many categories in the photography contest and I feel really bad for that Megan! 

This category is NIGHT

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Today there are a lot of people in the world that are crying because they don't have someone to spend Valentines day with. Also today there are a lot of people happy, eating chocolates, watching movies and having dates! 
But today I have had a beautiful day (despite a cold and swore throatπŸ˜•)! I have my family, my friends, and chocolate! I didn't cry because I don't have a Valentine, I am embracing the single time in my life, (even though I am just a young teenager). 
I have a friend who is not happy about being single, she is feeling unloved because she has never dated. 

Valentines day is a day about love, not about a guy and a girl being together. You could show love, give your sister a gift, buy your mom flowers, spend the day with family, but instead people are crying and feeling sorry for themselves. 

Well I just wanted to say Happy Valentines day to all, single and attached!!!

And remember It's a day about love not couples. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hannah On Bullying

My friend Hannah is going ton share some powerful things about bullying. 

(A Parent May Need To Read This post Before letting Your Child. Recommended Ages 13+)


Many people don’t understand how bullying affects people. Bullying is something that no one should have to go through. Sadly, it goes on every single day without anyone knowing. The victims often think that it's their fault or that it's something they did to cause it but in all reality it's not. Its nothing that they did It's the bullies problem they have their own issues that they think is okay to take out on someone else, but it's not. Bullying affects everyone in different way. Some isolate themselves, some cut their wrists to help the pain from bullying go away and some people go as far as even taking their own life. Bullying is when a girl wakes up and feels worthless to the point that she doesn't want to go to school.
Bullying is when she wears baggy clothes because she feels that no one should have to bare the sight of her. Bullying is when she walks to school with her head down and someone comes behind her and pushes her and then takes her backpack and dumps it into a mud puddle. Bullying is when she gets to school and sits in the corner of the classroom because she doesn't want to deal with the pain anymore. Bullying is when she sits in class wondering why she sits through class wondering why it's her that's the target. Bullying is when she goes to lunch and sits with her best friend and someone comes behind her and dumped two pints of milk over her head and tells her that her friend doesn't like her anymore.
Bullying is sitting in loneliness through the rest of school and thinking to herself that she doesn't deserve to be loved anymore. Bullying is when she walks home thinking why is she even living anymore. Bullying is her coming home and sitting on the couch and her four year old sister walks in and says “sissy I missed you today can you play with me”? Bullying is when she sits at the dinner table and picks at her food and her mom asks if she's okay. Bullying is when she walks upstairs after dinner and sits on her bed and starts cutting her wrists. Bullying is when she goes to take a shower and her mom goes in her room to put laundry on her bed and she finds a suicide note.
Bullying is when her mom shows the note to her dad and they both start crying and her little sister asks what's wrong mommy and daddy. Bullying is when she gets out of the shower and her mom gives her a big hug and tells her “hunny everything's going to be okay. Bullying is when they get to the hospital and her family learns that she is anorexic and has dropped forty pounds in the last 3 months. Bullying is being in the hospital for months and having support from her friends and family. Bullying is trying to recover on a daily basis and struggling. Bullying is when you go back to school and have to deal with the bully. Bullying is when she sticks up for the other girl that is now getting bullied the way that she did. Bullying is learning to love yourself even though it's hard.
When someone is getting bullied it needs to be reported immediately because you never know the mental state that their in. If you see someone getting bullied they need to be talked to because you never know if they want to take their life. Bullying is hurting us in more ways than we know. It's progresses so fast without anyone knowing because many times they think that it's their fault. The thing that bothers me so much is that people try to bring awareness to bullying during an assembly and they think that it's a joke. Bullying is no joke.
People take their life and they think that it's funny. Think that it's okay to make fun of people getting bullied. Making comments like “I understand why she's getting bullied because she can't sing” or “She's so fat that I can understand why she's getting bullied. Bullying is not at all a joking matter. If you see someone getting bullied stick up for them. If you see someone making fun of people getting bullied please stick up for the victim because in no way is it their fault.


Hannah on Human Trafficking

A good friend of mine is doing a quest post! 

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“Those who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless” - Bishop Oscar Romero.  This is the reality that many women feel on a daily basis.  I first became interested in the topic of human trafficking when I went to see a very powerful movie called “Priceless”.  It breaks my heart to see woman dragged into this horrible crime of human trafficking. This crime not only destroys a woman's outer appearance, but makes them have a horrible body image inside out.  They are made to feel like objects, like a product, like people that don't deserve to have a future.  And they feel this way because often the families of victims are tricked into being told that they are going to a better place. And that is very much not the case.  Since over half of these victims are under the age of 16, many of them don't see a point to getting out of it when they are older.  So they continue in this horrible cycle of feeling even more like an object and feeling worthless day by day.  I hate that this happens to so many women, so many children and so many people who can't fight for their freedom. So let's help the over 27 million victims that are attached to this horrible crime. So this is why I ask you this simple favor. On February 23, hundreds of thousands of people draw a RED X on their hand to symbolise saying no to this horrible crime.  By doing this it's showing more and more people that human trafficking is truly an issue that needs to come to a halt...

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Thank you for sharing Hannah! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

BIBPC Category #3

My Team! 

Category number 3 here is! 

This time is SWEET!!!

Please take into consideration that this photo was taken on a cell-phone. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest Category #2

Megan's Photography contest is back around, and as usual, I am interring it!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ 

This category is BLUE

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random photography

Hello. I am starting this post off by (again) saying I am sorry for not posting on here much. But I hope to be posting more in the future. ...