Friday, December 16, 2016

The Sibling Qiz//Requested By Bella

The Sibling Quiz!
Can you ace this quiz? It might be harder than it looks!
1.     Your sibling says that you hurt their feelings. You:
a.     Say “Too bad!”
b.     Say “I’m sorry.”
c.      You ignore them.
2.     Your sibling hits you! You:
a.     Hit back!
b.     Walk away.
c.      Go tell.
3.     Your sibling hurts their knee. You:
a.     Say “Don’t be a baby!”
b.     Help them.
c.      Walk away.
4.     Your sibling gets into your stuff and makes a HUGE mess! You:
a.     Scream at them, “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”, and throw books at them until they retreat.
b.     Politely ask them to help you clean up, and find a way that they can come in to your room.
Mutter under your breath, “They are such a pest”, and kick at the pile of papers on the floor.


  1. I got mostly a's. I needed to work on that!!!

  2. I have to go now. Sorry! Bye ya'll!!!

  3. not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do??

  4. Sorry but I guessed I should have explained how to do it! I had to go like right then so I could not explain how to do it!!!! You pick the letters on each question that describes you. Then use this answer key that I attached to this comment and you will see what kind of sibling you are!

    Mostly a’s. Temper, temper! You REALLY need to work on your sibling skills! Here are some tips: Control that temper of yours! Don’t let it get away with you! Whenever something like that happens, take a deep breath and count to 10. Talk calmly and kindly!
    Mostly b’s. Congratulations! You passed the test! Just be careful that when your siblings do something bad, stick to the way that you have been acting! Don’t get prideful about it, or you will lose all of that hard work!
    Mostly c’s. You don’t care. “Why should I have to do everything for them?”  You need to listen to your siblings and talk to them. Ask them how they feel, and trust me, they will tell you how they feel! Even if they say things that make you upset, be calm and ask them how you can improve that!


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