Friday, December 16, 2016


Whats your favorite Christmas movies, songs, foods, and just what makes Christmas special for ya'll?


  1. I don't really have a favorite Christmas movie, but I like peppermint bark, the presents (giving and getting!!!), the family. Things like that!!!

  2. We always spend Christmas day at home as a family which is super nice! And some of my favorite Christmas songs are, Infant Holy Infant Lowly, It's About the Cross, and Ring Christmas Bells!

  3. okay...
    favorite Christmas movie is It's A Wonderful Life
    Favorite songs is Little Drummer Boy and This Christmas by TobyMac and I think there's one by Mandisa that I like
    food is...all of it! lol

  4. I also like, Joy by one girl nation. Hark the Herald Angles family force 5. I saw three ships, the Wassel song. And Carol of the bells.

  5. I like Little drummer boy, Mary did u know. And for movies White Christmas A cookie Cutter Christmas and It's a wonderful life!

    1. Oh, I love those songs! We're doing both of those songs at our recital!

    2. oh my i forgot Mary Did You Know!!!! love that one!

  6. Around Christmas my favorite thing to do is listen to and play Christmas hymns on the piano. It helps me focus my mind on Jesus. One of my favorite songs to listen to is In the First Light by the guys music group GLAD. A song called "The Gathering" is also one of my new favorite Christmas songs as well; I just sang it with my choir in our Christmas Cantata at church.
    And I have a cool suggestion for y'all to look up on YouTube! :) It's a medley of "What Child is This?" and "Mary Did You Know?" that is played by 2 ladies on the harp and erhu (a Chinese violin). It's beautiful! And I'm getting an erhu for Christmas, so I especially love it :)

    As far as movies go... I don't watch any Christmas movies. I'm not really a movie person ;)

    Favorite food? Chocolate, hot cocoa... normal yummy things I would enjoy anytime :) And Moose Tracks Ice Cream! I'm a crazy person and love eating ice cream year round :)


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