Friday, September 2, 2016

September Photo Challenge!!!

I am doing the September Photo Challenge hosted by The Girl Upstairs!!!

Today the photo is back to school. Although I am not back to school yet lol!!!

These are not my school supplies but I love these things of mine and wanted to use them!!! 

The notebook is a 
 Image result for the name sadie
notebook you can purchase it at LifeWay.

The Blue floral folder you can purchase at LifeWay as well!

And the plain pink folders you can purchase at both Dollar General and Walmart!!

Loves you my lovely's!!!!



  1. Cool stuff! I love cool notebooks and such! :D

  2. I'm addicted to notebooks...:-)
    Great pic!
    -Grace A. B. H.

  3. All of these are cool stuff! <3 I'd love to have all of these school supplies, they're really pretty.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you!!! Awe that's sweet! But they are not my school supplies just some things that are special and I thought it would be good to use them!!


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