Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog Difficulties

I'm so sorry but I am having some blog difficulties with my new template and the writing colors!! I am trying to fix it but if I cannot then please bare with me until I can fix it and make everything work right. Also prayers for me for I go the be admitted to a Hospital for a three day test Saturday. :( 



  1. I will definitely pray for you, I hope it goes perfectly well!!

    1. Thank You!!! I think it is all worked out now!! Does it show up when you look at my blog the YouTube videos section?

    2. Um, you mean like at the top, like on Beth's?? I don't see it, I'm not sure why...

    3. Yeah. I made one but it doesn't show up when I'm looking just wondering if it showed up for other people. I will have to fix it when I get home.

    4. I've been praying for you multiple times per day, I hope everything goes great and that the Lord give your strength! :D

    5. Thank you so much!!!!! That is very sweet of you!!!!!!


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