Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Common things you see around our house part 1.

Hello lovely's!!!!! How are you today?! I am well! So I am going to start a series of post about things you would see around my house!! So lets go!!!

An mp3 player!! 
There are many girls in our family so of course nail polish!!! (Sorry the photo is not good quality!)

My brother Samuel (Jess) hat!! (may i ad that i love it!!!)

My sister Grace's tablet!!

My chap-stick! I am addicted to chap-stick!!

A cat of course!! *shivers!!!
And of course a Bible!!! (We use the KJV) Sorry about the white spot where i covered the last name!!

Well I truly hope you enjoyed this post!! And tell me in the comments what some of the things you see slaying around your house/yard!!!

"I'll always be your Anne, Anne of Green Gables."


  1. Cool post! Around our house you'd find...two dogs, three cats, a cockatiel...my headphones and camera lying around somewhere...TONS of books (including bibles)...lots of little kids (got five younger siblings)...and, well, yeah.
    Loved this post.


    1. Thank you for coming to my blog!!!! Thanks!!! Cool!!!!!!! I to have a ot of siblings! Nine to be exact!!!!

  2. u know what we find around our house, sista! lol cool post and looking forward to the next parts!
    Clo, Is.53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale

    1. Thanks!! I'm sure they will come soon!

  3. Cool:D I wonder whose Bible you used??

    1. Thanks!! Oh i'm sure I couldn't guess!!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. This was unique! A few things laying around our house would be... an adorable poochie outside, my awesome purple sunglasses, pens, and sometimes my headphones/MP3player although I usually keep it in my room!


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